Welcome Home! I'm Christie and thank you for visiting my website where I share my recipes and healthy lifestyle tips. I enjoy creating and cooking recipes for semi-vegetarians like myself. Cooking has always been apart of my life since I was a young girl with my mother as my mentor.

My journey to eat clean started a year ago as one of my family members experienced a health scare. After that, my family altered our diets to consist more of plant-based foods rather than meat. Thankfully that scare was eliminated a year later, but we still practice our herbivore ways to reduce our carbon footprint in order to support a sustainable earth. Animal agriculture is one of the leading contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, so we try to reduce our meat consumption and refrain from red meat. When I do consume meat, it's certified-humane poultry or wild caught seafood.

Christie at Home focuses on supporting organic, non-GMO and eco-friendly products where possible, whether that's for cooking or personal upkeep. I believe by supporting companies that care about our well being and the environment, we are supporting a greener planet.