If you're in the search for cosmetic, skin or hair care products that are healthy, eco-conscious, chemical and cruelty free but don't have time to find them, then The Detox Market is your time saver. The Detox Market started in California and they now have an online store and two locations in Toronto. I've come to the King location several times but never took the time to understand the companies behind the products. Like most people, I was under the impression that green makeup may not be able to achieve the same effect that other brands can due to natural ingredients. But I was so wrong after my makeover at The Detox Market! For so many years I've been applying chemically laden products to my skin harming it further, when green makeup can actually nourish and heal the skin. Below I'll talk about the selling points of The Detox Market, my experience there and if I would return to the store. If you're interested, keep reading on or check out their website at


  • The Detox Market makes it easy for consumers, who care about their health and the planet, by shortlisting the best brands who carry the same values in their products. "Co-founder Valérie is a breast cancer survivor...This is why we meticulously dissect each product for toxic and controversial ingredients. You won’t find culprits like parabens, phthalates, glycols, PEGs or synthetics in anything we offer."
  • All products are non-toxic, ethically sourced, eco-conscious and are not tested on animals
  • Many of the products are natural, non-GMO, organic, and/or vegan (vegan defined as being free of bees wax)
  • Their mission: "Breaking away from most green stores, not only did we commit to offering the best selections, but we also worked exclusively with small companies serious about organic living. Behind each brand stands a passionate green entrepreneur with a hands-on approach that ensures quality and integrity at every step of production."
  • Product packaging is either biodegradable, or recyclable and not over-packaged with unnecessary labels or plastic
  • In-store and online they carry over 60 brands giving consumers variety for their cosmetic needs
  • They have a tester for all their makeup and skincare products so you can get a good feel of the consistency and texture
  • Some makeup brands were developed by head developers at some large and well known companies (such as "W3ll People who's founder, Shirley Pinkson helped shaped Nars and MAC Cosmetics)
  • The price points of skincare and cosmetic products are very comparable to mid-top tier brands (starts from $20 and up) and below I'll list the cost of the products I purchased below.
  • Creators of the brand occasionally come to the store to meet with their customers and talk about their products
  • Sales associates are all friendly, helpful and trained experts in the products carried
  • Some sales associates are even professional makeup artists who take the time to try the products on you and give you a free makeover!
  • Aside from cosmetics and skincare, they also sell perfumes, essential oils, aromatherapy, body wash, shampoos, natural soaps, hair care products, candles, teas, green juices, and more!


  • The associate who helped me used to be a makeup artist for M.A.C. cosmetics and uses the products carried at The Detox Market herself, so she understood the application and benefits of the items she was using on me
  • My associate took the time to explain the products and the benefits of each as well as the company values
  • She gave me a free makeover and invested the time to try different options so I could make a confident choice in my purchases
  • I was so happy with my makeover. I felt confident with it as if my skin was glowing. It looked very natural and not caked on
  • I ended up purchasing liquid concealer ($29 CDN), liquid foundation ($52 CDN) and powder foundation ($42 CDN). See pictures of the products I purchased below
  • Eventually I will review the products I bought below after thorough and daily usage but below are just some pictures of the products and their packaging
W3ll People liquid concealer ($29 CDN), Sappho Organics liquid foundation ($52 CDN) and RMS Beauty powder foundation ($42 CDN). See pictures of the products I purchased below

W3ll People liquid concealer ($29 CDN), Sappho Organics liquid foundation ($52 CDN) and RMS Beauty powder foundation ($42 CDN). See pictures of the products I purchased below


Yes! I've never had a more pleasant shopping experience in the cosmetic world than I've had at The Detox Market. The best part that I get to take away from this experience is that I now have products that are FULLY safe, healthy and nourishing to use on my body. I have a clear conscience knowing that the companies I funded deeply care about the planet we live on and did not harm any animals in the process of creating their products. For all these reasons, I will be definitely be going back and I have to admit, I'm so excited to go again!

Note: I'm not sponsored by The Detox Market and all the products were purchased by myself. I wouldn't share about a company that I don't feel is aligned with the mission of this blog.

Display of the Kahina line which focuses around Argan Oil

Display of the Kahina line which focuses around Argan Oil