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This post is going to be personal and unlike my other recipe posts.  Firstly I need to thank each and every person who has actively and regularly shown support to Christie at Home. You each know who you are and if I've not expressed it before, but it means so much to me.  You may not know it, but I notice each time you like my posts, comment, or just engage with my blog.  I notice those who make an effort to like every single one of my posts - like every single one and it's honestly so touching.  Those who start up their own blogs, businesses or a passion that they want to showcase will understand that the basic foundation to flourish that passion is support from fellow friends and family.  It's like the Canadian food guide, the basic building blocks to a healthy diet is vegetables and fruits.  Well you guys are my veggies and fruits - my source of nutrition to keep this blog alive and healthy. 

I have to admit I hit a little road bump recently and it's normal for most bloggers. I started to realized my pictures were becoming predictable. So I bought a new camera hoping that it would magically evolve my pictures but the likes and comments actually decreased.  I tried to change the backdrop of my photos by using leftover floor tiles, the kitchen counter, a new tea towel, a different plate but none of that improved the numbers.  Then I hit writers block. I lost my creativity for finding new recipe ideas that are plant-based and was desperately trying to just make content for the sake of content.  I knew I had to post new recipes on Tuesday and Thursdays but I felt like I was a factory pumping out recipes without substance or meaning behind it. My recipes were becoming average and less exciting.  I could sense it from the loss of engagement on Instagram, Facebook or with my blog in general.  So I started to research and take courses on how to improve social media engagement by engaging with other Instagram accounts, posting at the peak times rather than just 5 pm ET, asking questions in my captions, changing up my hashtags, using double the amount of hashtags - the list goes on!  Even in practising these tips, nothing was really working.  Now you're probably thinking, 'It's not all about the numbers, Christie'.  But unfortunately the numbers are a constant and visual measure of success to most bloggers.  As a blogger you also compare your work to others who do well and manage to grow their follower base at exponential rates.  Then it causes you to question, "What am I doing wrong? Why isn't that happening for me? Are my readers becoming bored of my content?" You begin to experience self-doubt in your work and even within your own personality at times. 

Through the sea of doubt, I was able to tread water and I asked myself, "What good has come of 'Christie at Home' and why am I doing this?"  It forced myself to remember every time a friend said to me, "I'm not a good cook but I made one of your recipes and it turned out so well!" or when someone has personally shared that they've become conscious of their health or the environment because they read one of my posts. And that's when I realized it's not about the numbers at all.  It's about returning back to this blog's purpose: to help people reach a clean and green lifestyle through their choices.  Educating people of the issues found in the food industry and how that affects our health and planet. It's not about me or my self-growth or how many followers I can rack up in a year.  It is giving back to the people I care most about and to this community. 

Along with this realization, I noticed who my true supporters were even when the numbers had declined.  It made me appreciate those individuals even more and reminded me to express my personal gratitude to them as appreciation is for free.   I also realized I need to focus more on supporting your individual journeys to eating clean and living green.  And focusing less on the numbers. So if any of you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to me. 

So if you're reading this, THANK YOU for being here.  Thank you for sticking by my side when the tides were low.  Thanks for keeping me accountable.  For inspiring me to grow as a person and to keep improving my blog.  This blog is truly nothing without each of you and I'm so lucky to have you all in my life.  I hope to continue to serve you in this manner.  Most importantly, I sincerely hope it inspires you to treat your body and this planet better. If not for us, but for the future generations that lied ahead of us. 

- Christie